Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Meningitis Vaccine Part 2

When you are an Indonesian citizen and will do an Umrah.  You need to do vaccine meningitis.
Based on my experience the following is a step by step to do Meningitis Vaccine.

Step 1

You can register online at
You can also register offline at the Port Health Office closest to your home. Because my house is near the Soekarno Hatta International Airport, I chose Port Health Office Soekarno Hatta to do the Meningitis Vaccine. I registered online one week before arrival. I did a vaccine on June 18, 2019.

Step 2

I leave from home to the Soekarno Hatta Port Health Office at 6:30 AM and arrive at the port at 07:30 AM.  At that time, the office was still empty. But a very friendly officer invited me to fill the registration form.

Step 3

After completing filling out the registration form and returning it to the officer. The officer told me to check blood pressure by self service.

Step 4

After check blood pressure, the officer gave me the bill that I had to pay at the next table. The table was only a few meters away from the officer table. The total I have to pay is Rp. 305.000.

Step 5

At 8:00 the vaccination room was opened and the officer called my number. My number is "One".
In the room there are 2 officers who are in front of the computer doing interviews.  The interviews include:

  1. When is your first day getting menstruation in this month? I think this question is only for woman and married.
  2. Do you have allergies?
  3. Do you have heart disease?
  4. Do you have HIV?
  5. Do you have allergies medicine
The question not very important because at the form registration you already answer the question. 

After interview, officer told me to enter the room covered in curtains. A doctor prepared with bottles of vaccine medicine. The doctor explained to me how long this vaccine will take effect. My vaccine effect for the 2 years after injection. It's mean until June 18, 2021.

The doctor also told me if after I did the vaccine I had a fever. I can take Paracetamol as a reliever my fever.

Step 6

After injection i go to another table to take my vaccine certificate. The officer gave me the Yellow Book and explained the Meningitis Vaccine Medicine.

After i get the Yellow Book, i am come back to my home.
At 01.00 PM i felt a fever. After I had lunch I take Sanmol and slept. At 05.00 PM I woke up and I  was still fever.
After I  had dinner I take Sanmol again and slept. At 03.00 AM I woke up and my fever getting worse. I eat bread then take Sanmol again. Until morning my body was still feverish and I also felt headache. After breakfast I take Sanmol again.
Until this time, at night my body was still feverish.

Meningitis Vaccine Part 1

As millions of pilgrims from all over the world converge, many of which are from low-income countries with minimal access to healthcare, the risk of infectious disease increases dramatically. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH) have therefore stipulated that mandatory vaccinations have to be carried out prior to Hajj and Umrah visas being issued. Vaccination requirements vary depending on the country you are travelling from. For Jamaah from Indonesia, before being allowed to enter Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah, you will need to have had certain Meningitis Vaccinations.

Meningococcal meningitis

Meningococcal meningitis is a serious infection that can affect the brain membrane, causing severe brain damage and can be fatal if left untreated. Outbreaks of meningitis have been recorded during Hajj in 1987, 2000 and 2001.

Anyone intending to perform Hajj or Umrah from any part of the world is required to produce a valid certificate of vaccination against quadrivalent (A/C/Y/W135) meningococcal meningitis infection.

There are two types of meningococcal meningitis vaccines – polysaccharide and conjugate.

Polysaccharide vaccine – administered in the last 3 years and no less than 10 days prior to arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Conjugate vaccine – administered in the last 8 years and no less than 10 days prior to arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Both are acceptable for the issuance of the visa although the conjugate vaccine is recommended.

Applies to all adults and children above the age of 2.

Additionally, pilgrims arriving from countries within the African Meningitis Belt (Benin; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Chad; Central African Republic; Cote d’Ivoire; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Gambia; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Mali; Niger; Nigeria; Senegal, Sudan and South Sudan) will also be given antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin) at the port of entry as additional precautionary measure.

Proof of vaccination must be submitted with the visa application no less than 10 days prior to your arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Monday, 18 March 2019


I’m sure you’ve heard of the Golden Week in Japan before.
Today I want to explain what exactly it means and why you should avoid it – if you can.  What exactly is Golden Week?

Golden Week refers to a rare accumulation of Japanese national holidays.
While students get a lot of school vacation, the working population in Japan usually doesn’t.
But Golden Week is golden because it’s the longest vacation period of the year for most Japanese employees.   When is Golden Week?

Golden Week is usually from April 29 to May 5 (sometimes May 6).

Sunday, 17 March 2019

9 Thinks to Know Before Visiting India

Embrace the diversity. India is a land of many people, many religions, many cultures. India is both modern and traditional, poor and rich, chaotic and serene. India cannot be defined by one culture. When you travel India, absorb everything around you

Cover up. India is both a modern and a conservative country and so it’s best for women to cover up – tight or revealing clothing for women is usually not worn and may attract unwanted attention. Wear something loose and comfortable like baggy cotton (or another fabric that breathes) pants, tunics and cover your shoulders with a dupatta (large scarf or shawl)

Women – be careful with your body language. A simple smile, eye contact, and friendly conversation can be taken in the wrong context. Women making eye contact and smiling can be seen as flirtatious. Casual, friendly conversations could give people the impression that you are easy to take advantage of you. The best solution is to minimize small talk and act confident. It’s sad to say that some people, no matter where you are in the world, know how to take advantage of tourists, and the key is to exude confidence. Pretend you know exactly what you are doing, even if you feel a little unsure

Avoid asking leading questions. If an Indian doesn’t know the answer to your question they will try not to disappoint you, but will try to help you as much as he can so he will probably just answer “Yes” to your questions. Therefore, questions like “Can I cross from here to reach the train station?” are not recommended as you might not get a useful answer and will just get lost and frustrated. Also, head nodding doesn’t mean “Yes” or “No” it can mean both.

Be aware of scams and touts. If you are lost and someone offers to take you to the ‘official government tourist office”  to book a ticket, tour, hotel or for money exchange it often means that he will take you to a regular travel agent who has nothing to do with government but pays him a commission

Research your destination. Just make sure you have done a bit of research of where you are going in advance and book your accommodation for the first night

The food is amazing. The Indian food you have in India is different and SO much better than the Indian food you get in the Malaysia or Singapore.

Completed your book as soon as possible. Don't wait until the day of to book your train or bus to the next city. If you wait, seats sell out very fast

Check the weather! India is a huge country with a climate that is more diverse and changeable than you might think.  Visiting Agra in February is a really dumb idea. You will only see thick fog covering the Taj Mahal

Saturday, 2 February 2019

How to Make an Itinerary for Your Trip

Making a travel itinerary may sound like a completely trivial, but a customized travel itinerary is awesome. It lays out every piece of information you may need on your trip.

Simply put, an itinerary houses all of the information you may ever need while on your trip in the same place.Here's how to get started:

First, gather all of the info you may need: flights, hotels, tourist atraction, local transportation,  Halal resataurant, etc.

Next, start filling in day-by-day with any info you may need.

Once you're done adding your information, it's time to save your itinerary in a place you can easily access it.You can email it to yourself, but other good places to save it are in your Evernote, your DropBox or even just saved as note on your smartphone.

BUT, remember that sometimes smartphones die and we don't always have access to wifi--especially when traveling.This is where the hard copy comes in.

Print a copy for yourself and store it with your boarding passes, maps or anything else you'd normally access together with flight details and hotel addresses.

Creating an itinerary will give you peace of mind and simplify your travel routine

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Want to Travel Alone?

Want to travel alone? You’re not the only one! Travelling alone will change your life. 10 ways your life will change when you travel alone.

1. You will became more creative

“After time spent travelling abroad alone and soaking up the world around you, your creative spark will have a far deeper well to draw from when seeking inspiration!” – @MrColinRiv

2. It will force you to be a problem solver

“You’ll learn to step up and tackle problems head on, using creativity and experience gained while doing the same on your solo travels.” – @guidocarol

3. It will make you more employable

“Employers don’t care as much as they used to about the curriculum of what you studied and your list of work place assignments. Nowadays it’s more about what you learned, how you’ve changed, skills you’ve gained, and your ability to adapt and conquer new challenges. I think travel can help you there…” – @MrColinRiv

4. It can improve your mental health

“For anybody out there reading this and struggling with mental health, I want you to know it’s worth pushing through the despair; fighting until you feel mentally strong enough to book that plane ticket of your own. Travel is, without a doubt, the fastest way you can grow as a human being and turn your life into an inspired one. My wonderful travel tales were made possible by taking charge of my mental health.” – Emily Mulligan

5. Your life, your opinions

“You become more opinionated as you’ll have seen and experienced so much without another’s influence and views impacting your own. It teaches you to explore your own thoughts, ideas and dreams.” – @JohannaW

6. Good bye comfort zone

“Even if you find out it is not for you, you have a new experience! I travelled solo through the South of Chile. Camping alone on the 5 day hike in Torres Del Paine is now one of my most amazing memories!” – @thebluebrolly

7. It will teach your independence

“It taught me to be happy in my own company and try things I would have always relied on other people to do for me. It made me grow as a person and become very independent. Only you know what makes you happy, spend some time on your own – it’s good for you!” – @wearekingingit

8. You will learn how to deal with the unknown

“Sometimes travelling alone, gives you the fear of the unknown without a person to support you or to be there if something happens. At the same time, you come back with a happy feeling that you made it and it gives you courage to do it more often.” – @jeffsantosbr

9. It makes you way more flexible

“Solo travel doesn’t always go to plan especially when flight delays & cancellations are involved. You’ll learn how to deal with these types of scenarios and learn from them.” – @mezzarino

10. You will see the word isn't as scary as you think

“Despite pockets of the media telling us the world is an unsafe and dangerous place, there are many wonderful places and incredible people in these “danger hot spots”. All it takes is a bit of common sense and you’ll have an amazing time.” – @mezzarino

Thursday, 27 December 2018


I will compare with Europe because Istanbul is a part of Europe


You can eat at a much cheaper price than Europe, and have plenty of more food. Restuarants are probably the cheapest thing in Turkey compared to Europe. In Europe you pay extra for appetizers, bread, sauces and even the lemon they put in the water(!). While in Turkey for around 15TL, you get a main course plus appetizers, a salad,bread and a tea at the end. All included in that 10TL - 15TL. Thats a nice restaurant. Go to fast food places you got döner for 5TL - 10TL with ayran drink.

Shoes and Clothes

Turkey produces many shoes and fabric, so you can buy shoes starting from 30TL (not used, fresly new), and I can even find shirts from 5TL (again new product)

Fruits and Vegetables

They are a little bit cheaper than Europe , around 5 to 10% since Turkey is a vegetable and fruits producer. However for some particular vegetables such as long thin green pepper, quince, zucchini and eggplant, I have realized that in Europe these vegetables are 2 times more expensive than Turkey, due to fact that they are more suitable for Turkish climate so therefore it kinda makes them rare in Europe.